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Infrastructure computer room


Rene Neumaier

A variety of hardware and software are available to students in our computer room:

Hardware and software

• Various PCs (8 x Linux and 1 x Mac, 1 x 3D computer and 1 x microscope computer)
• A3 and slide scanners
• A4 printer (b / w)
• 3D computer with VGStudio, Amira and various other image processing programs
• Libre Office is available on all PCs
• Other image editing programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and Affinity are available on the Mac

Digital microscopy

There is a workstation for digital microscopy in the computer room; this is available for diploma students, doctoral students and employees of the house. A Leica DFC 480 digital camera is connected to the corresponding PC. This camera can be used either with a high-quality binocular (Leica MZ-APO) or with a microscope (Leica system microscope DM LB with fluorescence device). Suitable software is available for image processing as well as special software for 3D visualization. The use by students for a Bachelor thesis, for example, takes place after consultation with the respective supervisor.