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Oliver Voigt

  • Biomineralization of calcareous sponges


    Many animals can form skeletal elements by the controlled precipitation of minerals. Calcareous sponges are the only sponges that form calcitic spicules, while spicules of demosponges, hexactinellids and homoscleromorphs are siliceous. The formation of calcareous sponge spicules involves only a few specialized cells, more

  • Diversity and evolution of non-bilaterian animals


    I am interested in the diversity and phylogeny of non-bilaterian animals, especially calcareous sponges. For many of these invertebrates, the systematic classifications based on morphology do not reflect the phylogeny. In these cases, DNA-based approaches can be a useful tool to re-eavaluate hypotheses about relationships and the evolution of morphological characters. Revision of the classification and the recognition of morphological synapomorphies is the final goal by integration of morphological and DNA. more