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Deep Metazoan Phylogeny 2011

DMP LogoThe international conference “Deep Metazoan Phylogeny 2011 – new data, new challenges" brings together mathematicians, theoreticians, molecular systematists, and morphologists that aim at resolving deep branches in the animal tree of life for a better understanding of the evolution and diversification of multicellular life on Earth.

During the conference, new data, new analytical tools and new results will be discussed. Challenges and pitfalls in phylogeny reconstruction based on molecular and/or morphological data will be identified, aiming for a critical and constructive view of the state of the art of the metazoan tree of life.

On behalf of the organising committee you are cordially invited to attend this conference, which will take place from 11-14 October 2011 at the University of Munich, Germany.

The meeting will consist of sessions with several invited leaders in the field and open sessions with short presentations. In addition, there will be ample space and time to present posters.

The meeting focuses on three major themes:

Distinguished evening lecture by Phil Donoghue (University of Bristol, UK): Reconciling fossils, molecules and morphology in deep metazoan phylogeny.

The conference is organised in cooperation with the Priority Program "Deep Metazoan Phylogeny" of the German Science Foundation (DFG). The project is a joint effort of more than 20 participating workgroups bringing together molecular, morphological and bioinformatic expertise with the goal to establish a (hopefully) robust backbone metazoan phylogeny. Details on the priority project "Deep Metazoan Phylogeny" can be found at

2nd Circular with compiled information and preliminary final programme (version 15 August 2011).
Conference Poster (4.1MB, print up to A2 size).

Dates & Deadlines:

  • Online registration for participation only (no more abstract submission) is possible until the conference!

Host organizations

  • Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Paleontology & Geobiology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
  • GeoBio-CenterLMU
  • Bavarian State Collections of Palaeontology and Geology