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Sedimentology & Palynology

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Hinderer (Institute of Applied Geosciences, Technische Universität Darmstadt) and his PhD student Dennis Brüsch contributed to the sedimentological analyses of the Miocene sediments in the Tugen Hills; mineralogical analyses were additionally supported by Dr. Rainer Petschik (Institute of Geosciences, Johann-Wolfgang Goethe Universität Frankfurt). This work focused on understanding past climate conditions and environments.
  • Dr. Olaf Lenz (Institute of Applied Geosciences, Technische Universität Darmstadt) analysed the palynomorphs (pollen, spores) and the phytoplankton (diatoms and other algae) from the studied sites in the Tugen Hills. His work is essential for understanding past climate conditions.
  • M. Sc. Cornelia Rasmussen (now University Utah) completed her Master thesis in 2013 based on detailed logging of seven fish fossil bearing sections during our first field campaign. She participated also in the fieldwork in 2014.

The outcome of these collaborations has been published now in the Geological Magazine.

Rasmussen, C., Reichenbacher, B., Lenz, O., Altner, M., Penk, S.B.R., Prieto, J., Brüsch, D. (2017). Middle–late Miocene palaeoenvironments, palynological data and a fossil fish Lagerstätte from the Central Kenya Rift (East Africa). Geological Magazine, 154 (1), 24–56.


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