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Affiliated Organisations

Our research is associated with the Egerton University, Faculty of Environment and Resources Development. We acknowledge the great support of the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. J.M. Mironga, the past Dean, Prof. K.N. Ondimu, and the Director of the Department of Environmental Science, Dr. W. Moturi.

In 2013, Prof. K.N. Ondimu and Prof. G. Wörheide, Dean of the Faculty of Geosciences (LMU Munich) in 2013, signed an "Academic and Student Exchange Agreement" (Memorandum of Understanding). The purpose of the Agreement is to promote mutual understanding, facilitate exchange of students and strengthen academic cooperation.


Nakuru, 2013: W. Moturi and B. Reichenbacher are
presenting the Memorandum of Understanding.

In addition, our project is associated with the Orrorin Community Organisation (OCO, Tugen Hills, Kenya). The OCO members arrange research clearance at the national level and care on the palaeontological resources of the Tugen Hills. Our field work would not be possible without the great help of the OCO chair Joseph Kipkech and all the other members of the OCO team.

josephJ. Kipkech

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