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Organisational Issues

organisaImportant Information on conference topics, fees and schedule


  • Conference languages are English or German, depending on the decision of the organizers of the symposia.

  • Talks will be 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion.
  • Note books (PC), beamer and overhead projectors are available.
  • Bring your powerpoint presentation or PDF thereof on a USB-stick – it will not be possible to use your own notebooks.
  • If too many talks are submitted, the organizers may change some to poster presentations after consultation of the presenter


Poster size is 90 x 120 cm (= format A0). Posters will be on display for the entire conference.


  • Abstracts for talks and posters should not exceed one page (approximately 300–350 words).
  • Abstracts should not contain illustrations.
  • The abstracts will be published in the journal "Zitteliana".

More Info

Dates and deadlines

  • Registration deadline July 15th
  • Abstract submission deadline July15th
  • Registration fee deadline July 15th

Registration fees

  • Members of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft or associated groups: 130 €
  • Non members: 180 €
  • Student members of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft: 70 €
  • Students non members: 90 €

Please register before July 15th, otherwise we have to charge an additional fee of 50 €

To the bank details

Registration fee will be announced in the second circular.