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Field Trips

October 5th 2010 (pre-conference)

Field trip A

Jurassic of the Franconian Alp (Northern Bavaria, Neuburg, Mörnsheim, Solnhofen, Eichstätt)
Contact: Dr. W. Werner, BSPG München
Fee: 35 € per person

Field trip B

Obere Süßwassermolasse (Upper Freshwater Molasse, Miocene) in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps
Contact: PD Dr. G. Rößner & Prof. Dr. K. Heissig, BSPG München
Fee: 35 € per person

Field trip C

Triassic/Jurassic boundary (GSSP Kuhjoch) in the Karwendel-syncline (N Alps)
Contact: Prof. A. von Hillebrandt, TU Berlin & K. Kment, Bad Tölz
Fee: 35 € per person
Good physical condition needed - there is an altitude difference of 650 m and one way will take about 2 to 2.5 hours. Walking boots and appropriate clothing required.

Oktober 9th 2010 (post-conference)

Field trip D

Obere Meeresmolasse (Upper Seawater Molasser, Miocene) in Lower Bavaria
Contact: Dipl.-Geol. M. Pippèrr, Dr. S. Schneider & Prof. Dr. B. Reichenbacher
Fee: 35 € per person