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Team Munich did exceptionally well at the 90th Annual Conference of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft:


4 out of 7 Prizes won!

  • 1st Prize of Young Scientist Award for best oral presentation: Joshua Gauweiler "How to recognise a species – quantifying a case in horned dinosaurs" (MGAP Master student, supervised by Prof. Joachim Haug)
  • 1st Poster Prize: Luis Porras "Growing preservability in the early evolution of animals" (PhD student of Prof. Gert Wörheide)
  • 3rd Poster Prize: Carolin Gut "A fresh look on the Fossil Record of Gobioid Fish Otoliths from the Vienna Basin" (PhD student of Prof. Reichenbacher)
  • PeerJ Award for Open Data Analysis and Publication in Palaeontology: Alison Hsiang "A probabilistic model of correlated discrete morphological character evolution for phylogenetic inference" (PostDoc in the Emmy-Noether group of Dr. Sebastian Höhna)

    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!


 Prize winner of Young Scientist Awards and prize winner of the Poster Awards. Photo: M. Schellenberger/SNSB-BSPG.


The two price winner (left, right) of the PeerJ Award for Open Data Analysis and Publication in Palaeontology. Photo: M. Schellenberger/SNSB-BSPG.